Finding and successfully hiring software developers is no easy task – having placed 

developers in over 70 companies in Cape Town over the last 8 years, this is a fact of life we 

know all too well. 

The tech revolution has given companies the tools to do in-house recruitment, and 

businesses today know that they need to stay ahead of the game in order to attract the right 

people. But this does not mean it is an easy ride.

It’s the small things that make all the difference…

  • We work closely with our partner companies, consultatively assessing the current acquisition experience, and providing insights that allow them to create that “extra edge” in order to attract the right people for the business. Whether it’s improving the interview process, or leveraging company culture, optimising these “small things” can result in attracting the cream of the crop to your door. 
  • We believe in open and honest communication. Always. Coupled with actively looking to understand and know everything about your business and culture, we make the hiring process work.
  • We insist on feedback for all candidates interviewed; even those who do not make it to the offer stage. This provides two clear benefits:
  1. We are able to continuously improve our knowledge and needs of your business.
  2. We are able to provide constructive builds to our candidates, which is not only a valued component for their growth, but also serves to leave a positive impression on them (and their social networks) of how your company does business.
It’s the small things that make all the difference. And we know how to make those small things work for you.

Outsourced recruiter vs. In-house

Whilst in-house recruitment has benefits, it requires time, money, energy and focus… away from your core business operations. 

Key Connections is geared to hit the ground running with:

  • In-depth market / domain knowledge
  • The time, energy and focus to find the best candidates whilst saving you unnecessary costs by providing a “pay-per-placement” structure (no placement = no fee)

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